Melanie, who was our 'Bachelorette' on Valentine's Day, has had some dating nightmares and reached out to the Q to help her find a nice man. We love Melanie and are up for the challenge!


She's spunky, employeed (works at a Onpoint Health Data as a Health Data Analyst in Portland) and says it like it is. What is she looking for in a guy?

I want a guy who can make me laugh until my abs hurt, but also has a strong and confident presence. Sometimes those two things don’t come hand in hand. Nothing is more attractive to me than a confident guy with a good sense of humor. I don’t really have a check list of things that I look for in a guy—I am big on chemistry. I tend to know what I want when I see it. My life can be chaotic and spontaneous at times especially when my entire family is in town, so I generally need someone who is independent and can go with the flow!


I really enjoyed her sense of humor - especially when it came to her dating history. She summed it up best in loosely formatted haikus!

High School Ice Dancer
Cheated with an ice dancer
I put him on ice
College boyfriend 3 years
Came out of closet year 3
I wasn’t man enough
Ran for local office
Bowling league cutie-nice smile
Stood me up 3 times
(side note and continued to deliver flyers to my door telling me to vote for him)
latest tinder date
He could not turn his stove on
cause of death: starvation
Nick name handsy dave
Nice guy with a big heart
WARNING: don’t take his hand
Epic second date
He drank and cried on my couch
Yup, we are done here



Are you a nice guy? Employed? Not living in your parents basement? Want to see if you and Melanie have chemistry? Well...ya gotta go through me first. So, email me.

I promise to forward your information to Melanie and then it's up to her if she reaches out and makes contact.

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