Best Dating Apps

Spoiler -- even though the phrase above says "best dating apps," the correct answer is: non-existant.

Because, as most single people that are active in the dating world will tell you, simply put and straight up...

Dating sucks.

Photo by Nik on Unsplash / Photo by Good Faces Agency on Unsplash / Mika Baumeister
Photo by Nik on Unsplash / Photo by Good Faces Agency on Unsplash / Mika Baumeister

That said, though, there are still the resilient people that, although knocked down, never give up and never lose hope. And when the dating going gets tough, they get creative, like a Massachusetts woman named Ashley Jannino.

Cricut Clothing

For a few years now, owning and using a Cricut has become a way of life for some creative souls. Whether it's creating matching t-shirts for a family Christmas photo, matching t-shirts for a family vacation, or just whatever t-shirt idea pops into someone's head.

And for Ashley, it's also become a way to legitimately transform herself into a walking billboard for a date.

aj945 via Instagram
aj945 via Instagram

Because after countless attempts at, as she puts it, "dating to never date again," but having absolute terrible luck or awful first dates -- which you can get the tea on and find out all about on her Instagram page -- she's decided to step up her game and swing for the fences.

And it's either insanely creative, insanely desperate, or, well, just insane.

Dating Billboard

She created a QR code that links to her Instagram page with the words "I'M SINGLE!" above it, and used her Cricut to place the creation on a hoodie, legitimately turning herself into a walking dating billboard.

In the caption for the video that shows the making of the hoodie, she literally uses the tag #pathetic and questions whether or not she's hit a new low (which -- how don't you feel for someone questioning themselves like that?)

The comments on the post aren't any better.

'This is concerning.'

'This is VERY concerning.'

'Yea, noooo. This too much.'

'How to stay single forever 101.'

'Kinda desperate now.'

But, bashing comments aside, shooters gotta shoot when looking for love, so if Ashley seems like your type and you want to try and be the reason she doesn't have to date anymore, scan the QR code below that's straight from her hoodie!

aj945 via Instagram
aj945 via Instagram

Hey, people try and be creative in their dating app bios and their first DM's, how is this any different?

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