Sammantha Finch made the painful decision to have a double matectomy after learning she has the BRCA 2 mutation gene.


The BRCA 2 gene means that you are at greater risk of getting ovarian and breast cancer. Sammantha watched her mom go through a double mastectomy at young age and didn't want to go through that agony.

Sammantha Finch/Facebook
Sammantha Finch/Facebook

This is a decison that was not easy, and especially at such a young age. But last year Sammantha had a cancer scare. Doctors found a lump in her breast during an MRI - the diagnosis was 'benign...for now'. Those two little words...'for now' were a game changer. Just the short time she had to wait for the diagnosis was so agonizing, she could't imagine a cancer diagnosis.

But with doctors appointments, COVID and having to go to part time and then at least a month off after surgery, she has made the decision to ask for help. With October being breast cancer awaremess month...I bet we can help.



Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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