One of my favorite things about Portland is the food truck scene. I mean you can go to any type of brewery and there's almost a 100 percent shot that you'll also see a food truck propped up in the parking lot. Since Portland is such a foodie town, it's likely you'll see anything from a sushi pop up to a bbq pop up, and either way it's always delicious. Sometimes I even wonder if food truck food tastes better than the restaraunt itself, but that's for another day. I'm just a radio host, please chef's don't come after me for that statement.

Here's 3 new food trucks coming to the area this spring/summer:

Vintage Dogs of Maine

You might find these guys everywhere and anywhere this summer from downtown Portland, to OOB. as they told the guys at portland old port, they hope to bring these authentic Chicago dogs as well as others to the state of Maine.


This is the truck that you go to after dinner for dessert. This is cool, i haven't seen many dessert food trucks, especially one that's going to be serving up pie by the slices this summer at one of my favorite parks in Cape Elizabeth, Fort Williams.


Little Iphoh

Though hard to pronounce, it won't be hard to decide to grab some dinner at this Malaysian & Chinese themed truck. According to portland old port, of course, you'll find these guys camping out sometimes in Portland, but definitely in York, Kittery, even NH & MA.

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