Sugarloaf USA is one of the premier skiing destinations in America. People come form all over to ski or snowboard on their trails. The crew at Sugarloaf take pride in their grooming abilities and are always working hard to make sure you have the best skiing experience possible. And with over 100 trails open they have all the skiing your little heart could desire. All the trails are clearly marked so there's really no way you can get lost.

Unless you make the poor decision to try and make your own trail, on the back side of the mountain, where there are no trails, it's not groomed, it's very steep and, according to the article on it was cold, windy and snowing pretty heavily when 3 morons from out of state decided it would be a good idea to forge down the back side of the mountain Sunday.

According to Cpl. John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service, Thomas Birch, 23, of Harwich, Massachusetts, Logan Allard, 23, of Manchester, New Hampshire, and Ryan Sharby, 24, of Goffstwon, New Hampshire all lost their skiing privileges at Sugarloaf for skiing in an in out-of-bounds territory.

The skiers said they had been lost and "bushwhacking" for two hours before they called 911 for help. Rescuers scrambled to get up the back side of the mountain on their snowmobiles to search for the missing skiers. When rescue workers got to the area, the skiers were able to meet them on a skidder trail and were led to safety, unharmed.


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