Maine is experiencing it's driest June on record and our lawns are feeling it, but there are things you can do to and not to do to your lawn until we get a good, long rain fall.

Take a look at these rainfalls statistics for Maine and New Hampshire from the National Weather Service measured from May 15 to June 17. Portland has less than an inch of rain when it averages over 3 inches by the final week of June. Thunderstorms are forecast for Wednesday afternoon, June 24 that could be heavy but that's still only a drop in an almost empty bucket.

Lawns are turning brown from all the lack of rain, but is there anything you can do about it? Here are three tips from The Spruce on how to care for you lawn during a drought like this.

Water Your Lawn

If you don't already have a sprinkler, get one. We aren't in a severe drought with water restrictions here in Maine unlike other states implement. The key to watering your lawn is making sure you don't over water it. If you don't mind being an early bird, the ideal time to water infrequently between 3 and 6 a.m. to reduce evaporation.

Stay Off My Lawn!

Be a grandpa and yell at the kids, and anyone else in your family to stay off the lawn during the drought. The grass is literally stressed out without the water its used to, and walking and playing on it like normally would just stresses it even more.

Ease Up On The Mowing

The less you mow the better. Let it grow if it can, and when it is time to mow, keep the height at least three to four inches. Mowing the lawn too short or too often can war the grass making it unable to recover once it starts raining again.

The rain will come eventually, but in the meantime, these tips should give your lawn a helping hand to quickly recover when we get through the dry spell.

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