When Krista told her son that there was no school...he took it upon himself to be the teacher.

Krista Guerette from Sydney, Maine, told News Center Maine,

This is certainly a scary time for everyone, including our little ones who love getting up in the morning to see their teachers and friends. I talked to my 3-year-old about school closing for a bit...so what did he do? He created a solution using his creative little mind to build his own school with circle time and everything!

This little guy didn't let a little no school ruin his day. Look at all of his classmates. He's got Pooh, Micky, Clifford...what a great class!

This little guy brightened up my day.

Thanks Krista for sharing such a sweet moment in your life.

It will be the bright spot you often look back at in the next few weeks...


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