In January, 32-year-old Jennifer Irene from Portland was diagnosed with breast cancer. While raising two daughters alone, her world changed forever....


Here's the crazy part, and sadly Jennifer is not alone, insurance does not cover all the expenses...and having cancer is one thing for sure - expensive. Jennifer has started a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

She is one tough cookie. On her daughters 13th birthday, she cut her hair off, because chemo was doing it's job of making it fall out.


Jennifer had good news and bad news. The cancer was caught early. Good. The cancer is very aggressive...bad.

As she dug in and fought this aggressive cancer, the chemo beat her up bad. Beyond loosing her hair, it burned her mouth, tongue and throat - that's when she realized that the oral solution she needed was not covered by insurance.



Jennifer writes:

My fighting gloves are on, and already this fight has begun. Sometimes it's hard asking for help. However, sometimes it just not an option to not ask for some help. So I'm asking for help. If your able to donate even $1, to help with my fight against breast cancer I will be forever grateful for your generosity. I will try my best between being a single mother of my daughters, and chemotherapy treatments to keep this page updated as I go through this journey. Please bare with me if I'm not able to at times for this first round of chemotherapy kicked me hard to the ground. Thank you everyone who has sent love and prayers to myself and my children through this time. Please keep them coming. We need all the prayers we can get right now.


If you can help in Jennifer's fight, I know she would be so appreciative. She has been a long time listener and friend. We are all rooting for her to come out the other side of this battle stronger.