It's another business having to change how they stay around!


According to 33 Elmwood's Facebook and website, they've had to adjust how they do business. But they want you to know - they are alive and kicking!



Covid still rears its ugly head for so many businesses. Many have cut hours and even days they are open because of staffing shortages. 33 Elmwood did not go into details about why they are changing, but they have posted in the past changed hours due to staffing problems.

They are not alone. So many companies, locally owned and nationally owned have had problems. They range from closing all together to changing their hours. It's now the new epidemic. Long lines, shortages of supplies, or all together things just not there. When will we recover from this part of Covid?

The good news is that, if you have a bunch of people wanting to have a party for whatever reason (and there are so many good reasons to throw a party) - 33 Elmwood is a perfect place to host your event! They are open to partying with you and bowling, candlepin, bocce ball, and even corn hole! I hope I either get invited to a party soon or that they are able to open back up to the public. In the meantime...where are all the workers?

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