Maine's railroads are not what they were a century ago. Back when passenger trains were the primary means of travel, Maine had some beautiful railroad stations that generations will never see in person.

After the automobile gave independence to Americans, letting them travel at will rather than buy a ticket and catch a train, the need for passenger rail faded near the end of the 1960s. Rather than save these four beautiful railroad stations, they were all torn down.

Efforts are still being made in the 21st Century to provide all of Maine with passenger rail. Specifically, a campaign is underway to link Portland and Lewiston via rail that can either be another line for the Amtrak Downeaster or operated by another railroad.

Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media
Jeff Parsons - Townsquare Media

I love the Downeaster for traveling to Boston, especially for anything happening at the TD Garden, the train's route currently only goes as far north as Brunswick. A connection up through to Lewiston via the former Grand Trunk line and another connection to Bangor over the current CSX Transportation rail line would be great for those communities.

Any railroad stations built today wouldn't be able to hold a candle to the beautiful station of yesteryear. These were true pieces of architectural marvel, and it's sad that they are now all gone.

Here's a look at four grand railroad stations that served three different railroads in Maine that have been reduced to rubble, and a look at what is in their place today.

4 Beautiful Maine Railroad Stations That Are Gone and What Replaced Them

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