Not very many independent movie theaters still pop their own corn and use real butter anymore. Not very many independent movie theaters let you drink beer while sitting on comfy couches as you watch a movie either.

But that is exactly what you get when you buy a ticket to a movie at the Eveningstar Cinema in the Tontine Mall in Brunswick. At least for now.

An article in the BDN reports that the theater is in danger of going out of business despite renovations like replacing the old projector with a digital one, adding seats and replacing the carpet which put the current owner of the theater, 61 year old Barry Norman, in debt.

Despite fundraisers to help keep the theater open, Barry has had some hard times lately and has decided to leave Maine, the article reports. But there is hope. A GoFundMe page has been set up in hopes to reach their goal of $50,000 to purchase and keep the theater open. Gracia Babbidge of Bowdoin has worked there for 15 years and wants to buy the theater if she can find financial backing.

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