This is sad news on so many fronts. Crescent Beach on Taylor Pond in Auburn has closed to the public. According to News Center Maine, the owners closed the beach to the public due to a death in the family.

Crescent Becah owners Deeanna and Linwood Andrews bought the beach in 1961, and they have been described by many as a "very sweet couple." It has become a popular spot for Lewiston-Auburn families to swim and enjoy the summer weather.

Linwood Andrews sadly passed away in December 2023, and the decision was made to close the beach to the public. According to the Sun Journal, the family said that the property will likely be sold.

There is hope, however, that someone may purchase the property and open it back up to the public. That requires not just an investment in money, but also staff to maintain the beach.

The Andrews Family put their hearts and soul into Crescent Beach. They got to know many of the beachgoers over the years by creating something that was needed for Lewiston-Auburn: a nice sandy beach on Taylor Pond that families could enjoy. The water on Cresent Beach is very shallow, so it's perfect for young children.

Our hearts go out to the Andrews family for their loss. No matter what happens with Crescent Beach, Linwood Andrews and the entire Andrews family will be remembered for the gift that they gave the the people of Lewiston-Auburn. We know this was not an easy decision to make, but it's understandable. Let's hope a buyer keeps Crescent Beach as it has always been, and re-opens it for generations to come.

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