Upon casually scrolling Facebook this morning I was smacked in the face by a five day weather forecast from good ol' Todd Gutner over at WCSH 6. Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing?

After what looks like a tumultuous weekend including the word "Soaker", there's a big, burning ball of light ready to bust through next Tuesday, April 11th. Nobody panic, but we could be seeing near 70 degrees on the coast next week with a chance for even higher temperatures inland. I may be wrong, but I don't think I've felt that temperature on my skin since 17 summers ago. Just a rough estimate.

So what's a shivering sun-starved Mainer to do with such a promising forecast ahead of her? I'm starting my emergency preparedness plan now. I will not miss a single opportunity to milk this warm day for all it's worth. Here's my plan.

Step 1.

Identify your must-have ice cream cone location.

Without any hesitation I know mine is Red's Dairy Freeze in South Portland.

Step 2.

Dig out your warm weather clothing and select the perfect 70 degree outfit.


There are no rules when it comes to dressing yourself for the first true warm day of the season. Chances are you will start the day cold in your shorts and adorable crop top but as soon as the sun shows it's face you'll warm right up. Your skin needs the special attention and warmth from the sun. Don't waste this chance.

Step 3.

Make plans to be outside with your friends. 

Yes, drinking outside on a deck somewhere counts.

Step 4.

Coordinate with your dog's busy sleep schedule to go on a beach trip. 

Willard Beach, East End Beach, and Ferry Beach are just a few of the dog friendly beaches that are likely to be filled with pups on our warm day next week. They're just as starved for warmth and sunlight as we are.

Step 5.

Start your build-up to a sick day.

Sick woman lying with thermometer

Start today. Does your throat feel a little scratchy? Maybe tomorrow your cough starts to pick up. Let the "illness" build over the weekend and on Monday come in full tilt with tissues, cough drops, and extra snot in your nose. On Tuesday, no one will question when you call in sick. Just remember to hold off posting your photos with the SnapChat temperature filter until the next day.

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