I recently started a new job, so I have been very careful about my timing in the morning. I know it takes 17 minutes to drive to work, so I leave 35 minutes in advance. You know, first impressions, can’t be late.

Now it’s my second week of work and I’m feeling flexible, so I decide to leave a little later and instead of getting to work early, I decide I’ll show up right on time. Some may call this ‘playing it cool’.

It’s a crispy Monday morning in September, I got to snooze my alarm two more times than normal, and I’m heading into work with a plan to be there by 8:57. I’ve quickly mastered the traffic and coffee-stop timing and I’m feeling confident.

Until I get to my exit.

Good ol’ I-295 Exit 7 and I have been long time pals. As someone who commutes into the city from Yarmouth, I rely on Exit 7 for all of my Old Port needs.

Well, I got to my Franklin Street exit on this fine Monday morning, and to my dismay, I found him to be completely closed down with more cones than I could count.

Now what?

Yes, I grew up in this area, no, I still don’t confidently know my way around. I have my set routes, and when things go array, I have to turn to Google Maps.

Maps brought me off Exit 6A through Forest Ave., which will now apparently be my new commute into Portland for the next 3 weeks.

According to patch.com, this closure is necessary for the City’s Back Cove South Storage Facility Project which is part of an agreement with U.S. EPA to put an end to the flow of waste and sewage spewing into the ocean.

As annoying as this exit closure is, and as much as I miss my buddy Exit 7, the project is for a good cause. I know I’m not the only one rattled by their new commute, so let’s all be a little more patient with each other out there on the road.

As far as figuring out the timing of my morning commute, back to the drawing board.

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