You know it's spring in Maine when fiddlehead stands start popping up at farmers' markets and the side of those backroads with a jar for honor-system payments. Fiddleheads seem to be a polarizing food -- either you love 'em or you are a total non-believer in their ferny ways.

These fiddlehead dishes prepared in Maine, by Mainers, and at Maine restaurants might turn any anti-Fiddlehead freak into a fern's best friend.

Where have you had the best fiddlehead dish?

Carne Special at Flatbread


Pork Belly with Fiddlehead Pasta at Hot Suppa


Sautéed with Crispy Prosciutto at Grace


Sautéed Maine Potatoes with Fiddleheads


Pasta with Fiddleheads at Five-Fifty Five

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