When a well known national chain announces they are coming to Maine, social media is all abuzz with opinions, speculation, delight or hatred. They arrive to much fanfare, making a big splash and getting everyone's attention one way or another. Some of these franchises become very successful here in the Pine Tree state. We're looking at you Texas Roadhouse. Other's however, not so much.

Failure can be for any number of reasons. Mainers are a very opinionated bunch. We like what we like and may not be open to some of these businesses. Sometimes businesses that we Mainers love very much, aren't successful at all and that's usually a failure on the company's part.

Love them or hate them, they try to make a go of things here in Maine, but ultimately don't survive.

Here are 5 national chains that opened up franchises in Maine, but didn't last here very long.

5 National Chains That Didn't Last Long in Maine


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