Ever generation has them. Those words that kids use that get blank stares from their parents. If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, your parents didn't understand words like 'rad,' 'gnarly,' 'dank,' or 'phat.' Now that you're older, you might be like me and are starting to be a little out of touch with the the slang of the 2010s. When I heard my son using some of these words, I used a resource my parents never had to discover their meaning. Google.

My kid is only 10, but he's already starting to use words I've never heard or never heard in the way he's using them. Here's a list of 5.


Lit could mean a couple of things. If my kid is using it, I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean he's drunk. If you're using it to describe a person, that probably fits. But anything else means cool or awesome.


Something that is savage is badass. Savage sounds a lot cleaner to me.


Not so much a term as an action. I saw my son do this one day and I asked what he was doing. "Dad, I'm dabbing." It's a dance move that preteens are using in celebration of things. Score a basket, dab. Flip a bottle, dab. Get the right answer to the question, dab. It looks like they should be sneezing.


I've only heard this one once from my son and to use another acronym, I LOL'd. It's chatspeak and stands for To Be Honest. TBH I knew what this one meant, but had never heard anyone actually say it out loud. Is it really any quicker to say TBH than To Be Honest? IDK.


This one has been around for awhile now but you'll still hear it today. All signs point to Drake popularizing this back in 2011 and even wanting to get royalties for its use in merchandise. Why not? You Only Live Once, right?

What slang words are your kids using and what do they mean? Share them with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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