True Crime Popularity

True crime has become one of, if not, the biggest pop culture phenomena definitely in the last decade, maybe even two.

From true crime shows like CSI and its spinoffs CSI: Miami and CSI: New York, and even the reboot of the current CSI: Vegas that's in its second season, to popular true crime podcasts like Up and Vanished and Crime Junkie. Hell, there's even a full network of true crime in Investigation Discovery.

True crime is it for a lot of people. But we can't all be real-life detectives out there solving actual crimes, so we scratch our mystery-solving itch in a real hands-off way that thankfully doesn't actually impact any lives.

Escape rooms.


Escape rooms are the perfect place for people that either love to solve mysteries or love to solve puzzles in general because that's literally what they're all about. And their popularity hasn't slowed down at all.

In fact, multiple movies (mainly thrillers) have revolved around escape rooms, and recently one was even featured in the hit CW show All American: Homecoming for the purpose of bringing two feuding characters together.

Because that's the great thing with escape rooms -- they can be used to scratch someone's mystery itch, but businesses also used it as a team-building exercise because you're legitimately forced to work together.

And, as showcased in a NEWS CENTER Maine story a few years ago, some couples even use it not only for fun, but also to escape their kids. (Hey, no judgment, everyone needs their time away.)

And while the current fate of the subject of that above NEWS CENTER Maine story, Escape 207 in Topsham, is unknown (their last post on their Facebook page was from a year ago talking about a break and new location with room updates, and their website is no longer active), Maine is still lucky enough to be blessed with multiple amazing escape rooms.

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