Chocolate cake, whoopie pies, pastries, donuts, torte, something called a Cocoa Doodle Do... You don't have to look far to find some insane desserts in Southern Maine. If you're looking for something sweet but light for your after dinner treat then get the heck out of here. No one cares about your diet, just eat what you want for dessert. May these photos provide some inspiration.

  • Nutella Belgian Waffles at The Marshmallow Cart G.

    The Marshmallow Cart serves "streetside roasted S'mores, Belgian waffles and other marshmallow snacks including rice crispy treats & trail mix." Need a fix? Locate the Portland cart on their website

  • Torte at The Bar of Chocolate T.

    Any of the tortes at The Bar of Chocolate on Wharf Street are insane. I would know, I've tried them all. Pair the dark chocolate torte with an espresso or peanut butter cup martini and give a shout out to the diet you used to give a damn about.

  • Gluten Free Cake at Ten Ten Pie Ten Pie

    It's pronounced Ten Ten Pi-yay as in YAY FOR DESSERTS. This gluten free cake is just one of the stellar pastry offerings at Ten Ten Pié.

  • Vegan Cocoa Doodle Do at Silly's via Ezra B.

    What the hell is a Cocoa Doodle Do? According to reviewer Ezra it's "a white flour tortilla stuffed full of vegan chocolate cake, chocolate syrup and soy ice cream, then fried & served with a side of soy ice cream & dusted with cocoa." I want to go to there.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Torte at Standard Baking Co. via PJ L.

    If you've got some time to kill and you like looking at beautiful photos of breads and pastries, please visit Standard Baking Company's website at your earliest convenience. This chocolate hazelnut torte is so much yes you'll probably order two. One for now and one for now.

  • Vegan Pumpkin Whoopie Pie at Local Sprouts Cafe via Aubrey W.

    This vegan pumpkin whoopie pie isn't normal, it's insane. Insane and beautiful, a lovely combination.

  • Cookie Dough Bar at Bam Bam Bakery via Steve T.

    "Bam Bam Bakery offers gluten-free baked goods for the discerning palate. All of our goods are made from scratch, gluten-free, and we think you will find they taste better than their conventional counterparts." SOLD TO THE GUY WHO SAID COOKIE DOUGH BAR.

  • Any Pastry at Little Bigs Pastries via Victoria P.

    My favorite part about Little Bigs is that their donuts include the donut hole on top. No donut hole left behind, am I right guys?