8-year-old Jackson Woodworth of Bangor is a big The Price is Right fan, so much so that his dad has built him his own props from the game like The Big Wheel and Plinko. The people at The Price is Right caught wind of his fandom and invited him to be a part of the show!

I can totally relate to this kid. I too am a huge The Price is Right fan, and even though I didn't have an props, I did own every single version of the Milton Bradley home version and made all the kids on my street play the game as I played Bob Barker.

madwis01 via ebay
madwis01 via ebay


Instead of Bob, Jackson wants to be Drew Carey and he got his chance to be on the show with Drew via satellite from his home with his mom.



Before Jackson made the big time on The Price is Right, I played the role of Bob Barker with him and The Nite Show host Danny Cashman on our small scale Plinko board.






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