The good news is - no one was hurt.  The bad news is - the crash caused about 30,000 dollars in damage.

WMTW reports that a 92-year-old woman, Gwendolyn Swank, accidentally pushed the gas instead of the brake and went right through Norm's Used Cars in Wiscasset.

The poor thing did this late Tuesday morning.

Wiscasset crash WMTW source Norm's Used Cars

She was in a car that she was about to buy from Norm's when the accident happened. No one in the office was hurt, and Gwendolyn and another person in the car were also not hurt, according to the news station.

I don't know what happened to the car or if she ended up buying it. But it does raise concern with older drivers.

I think it's amazing that at 92, Gwendolyn was buying a car - but it is concerning that all too often we hear of the gas/brake confusion. I'm glad Gwendolyn, and everyone is okay...