For the most part, the items you'll come across in the Maine Facebook Marketplace all seem quite reasonable. However, every once in awhile, you'll stumble across something that seems so absurd it couldn't possibly be real. And if your gut is telling you something is off with a certain item, you may want to trust your gut. Need an example? Check out this gem right here.

Facebook Marketplace

Listed on the Facebook Marketplace as a "Victorian Baby Yeet Machine", the item itself is preposterous in nature. If you've ever wanted to defend your castle by catapulting your infant over the moat, then this is probably the item for you. The seller lists the item as available in Lisbon, Maine and for the low price of $300 because "they know what they have". But there's just one problem.

Facebook Marketplace

The same exact item using the same exact photo is also listed in Auburn, New Hampshire. That seller claims the "baby yeet machine" has been "fully restored" and thus, the $300 price tag. Apparently, the going rate for baby trebuchets is $300 bucks. Who knew?

If you're somehow going to chalk that up to pure coincidence, an ad listed on November 16th in Monterey Park, California was shared on Twitter by Michael Wenger. Anything look a little familiar to you?

So unless there's a nationwide surge on Victorian-era baby catapults, something awfully strange seems to be going on here. You may want to tuck that $300 back into your pocket and save it for something else that's too strange and weird to be believed.

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