It all started in-studio on Saturday when I slip-slided my way through the snow and up the One City Center escalator to find the Q studio jam packed with dudes... Lots of good-looking dudes with stellar hair. My boss and co-workers were there, too.

O-Town, yes, the band from the early 2000's TV show 'Making the Band', was in town to headline a show at Asylum with supporting acts Todd Carey (remember him?) and Dean Ford. Erik-Michael Estrada, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, and Dan Miller make up the group today and although they've moved on from the coordinated red shirt and shiny jean jacket days, they still ooze boy band charm. The guys crushed it in-studio with a live on-air performance of their song 'Buried Alive'. I melted into a silly little fangirl puddle on the studio floor.

The guys split for lunch before soundcheck to grab lobster rolls at Eventide Oyster Co. No surprise there. It looks like Erik really enjoyed his roll.

I made my way to the venue with a friend just after doors opened and met up with the one and only Ya Favorite Homie JR and Todd Carey. I was hoping to get some video footage and photos at the show so we were able to get a great spot next to the stage. We also had the special opportunity to say hey to the band backstage before the show.

They were watching football and playing some sort of dice game that I was instantly sucked into. The game is called Farkle and it's played with a special set of dice with skull and crossbones on one side. You have to roll a combination of numbers and the first one to reach 10,000 points wins. You can steal points or choose to pass a roll to the player next to you. After they finished their first game I decided to throw down and see if beginner luck would work in my favor.

The guys were patient with me even though I didn't really know how to count up the scores on my own, but I got the hang of it and was doing really well. Toward the end it was a run away between myself and Seth, Todd Carey's drummer. I felt bad, but I knew I was about to steal his money.

One final roll and I solidified my place in Farkle history. I did a victory dance as the guys half-booed/half-cheered my lucky win. I made the losers pose with me and my big winnings.

I've decided to match the $40 I won plus $20 and donate $100 in supplies to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. Sorry I took your money O-Town, but I'm using your dollars for good.

Openers Dean Ford and Todd Carey were incredible, as usual. Todd Carey always gets everyone hyped up with his dance-y pop tracks and his History of the Boy Band mash-up.

Daryl Adams Photography

And then O-Town took the stage. I was not prepared for this at all. They opened with 'Liquid Dreams', complete with choreography. The performance was thick with nostalgia and the right amount of new music sprinkled along the way. The guys covered other artists, too, and kept the fan girls and fan boys guessing throughout the show.

I'd never seen O-Town in concert before and never thought I'd have the opportunity to see them in my hometown. I love live music and I'm so thrilled I got to spend my birthday weekend seeing these stellar artists on stage. Thank you to everyone who came out to the show and who said hi and snapped selfies and danced like a crazy person with me.

Thank you to Daryl Adams Photography for capturing the show with your stellar camera skills. Can you spot yourself in the crowd? Tag yourself on the Daryl M. Adams Photography Facebook page.