I didn't realize when I set out on this journey, what I was in for. You know how you meet people in your life and you feel like they've left a powerful mark on others? Well, this is the case for Officer Brad Chase. His title is Community Resource Officer for Augusta Police Department but as a person, he's remarkable. He gave me a full tour of the department.

Here is a vlog of the day I had with Augusta Police Department.

I was met at the door of the station by Brad and he gave me a tour of the entire place and holy cow it was not underwhelming. I'm not just saying that because, you know me, I get bored very easily.

I was able to say hello to many officers and step into their offices. One person I won't forget is, Patrol Lieutenant Vicente Morris. He has been in the field and serving our community for many years and has given all he's got to keeping us safe. He's like the "Godfather" of the place. You can tell that the amount of respect he is given is endless. He deserves that respect for everything he's given.

The best thing about everyone I met is how evident and obvious it was that they loved their job.

As Brad gave me the tour and showed me things like the oldest handcuffs and the old fashioned police communication box, I couldn't help but feel the pride he had just from the feeling behind his words.

As he explained to me the history of the building, the equipment and even the people, he had a sublime vigor that spilled out of him as he spoke. I also can't forget the most important thing about Brad Chase, his humor. He's funny as hell you guys.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

I was lucky enough to meet other officers at Augusta PD and they left me with an intense feeling. I can't put my finger on it because as I was talking to them they appeared to be normal, regular, every day, people but at the same time, they weren't. They breath in and out like us, have families like us, probably sing karaoke like us, but during their shifts, they risks their lives without a second look and all, for us.

When Brad took me up to the wing of the department to meet the Sergeants, Lieutenants, Detectives, Dispatch Operators, Officers and Administrative staff, I was welcomed with open-arms. I also met a bobble-head doll from Seinfeld named Newman who is a mascot for a couple of the staff.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty.

You think of going to jail, getting arrested, meeting up with a cop as a pretty scary experience because normally, it is. When you come in contact with officers, it's usually when you're getting pulled over or during an extremely tough circumstance.

Having the time to talk to them, I realized that they want so much more then to just book someone and do their paperwork. They want to change lives. They aren't forced to, they want to.

Brad told me about when he pulls someone over. He talked me through the experience and we also pulled a driver over and I saw for myself what is done. It was clear that he wants you to know he understands that your scared. He knows you're sweating out of every orifice in your body and you want to puke.

We ended up pulling over someone that did not have an updated inspection sticker and they were really upset. Brad spoke to them, calmed them down, and walked away. I am not saying this is the case every time, but keep in mind, you get what you give.

The Officers I met hate seeing the raising homelessness, drug addiction, poverty, and other hardships in our cities. If you're having trouble in your life, they know, they can sense it and they want to give you that opportunity to take the experience you had with them and turn it into something positive for yourself.

They want you to fight for yourself. To survive through the bad and break the cycle of crime and violence and start to heal.

You might say to yourself, "Oh Lizzy, you don't understand what it's like being in the back seat of a police car." But, I do.

I myself, can attest to this because I have been arrested and I understand what it feels like to be handcuffed, booked, fingerprinted, scared to death and put into a jail cell. I get it. I get that fear, I get that disappointment and that guilt that it brings.

But what I decided to do with my experience is I forced myself to heal from what happened and share it, so that we as people, can understand and sympathize with each other.

At one point in the day, I was with 6 or so officers and I asked them how they are able to go home at the end of the day after witnessing such tragedy and they told me they cope how so many of us do, with humor and support from their brothers and sisters in blue.

It's 100 percent impossible to separate yourself from a tragic event but they don't do it alone.

Today I met heroes and I didn't witness anyone save a life.  I am not just saying that to suck up to avoid a speeding ticket, I say that because I did and I write my truth.

Today I was able to visit the Augusta Police Department and take part in a tour and ride along for my radio station, but more importantly, I was able to witness humanity at it's greatest level.

Not to mention, they offered my a job. I would be the first Morning Show Host DJ/Police Officer, like, ever. Should I do it?

A Day in The Life of An Augusta Police Officer

A Day in The Life of An Augusta Police Officer

I spent the entire day with Augusta Police Officer, Brad Chase and it left me feeling empowered.

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