As disc golf continues to grow in popularity in Maine, owners of courses are hoping to gain the same alcohol privileges as regular golf courses. 
It would almost seem abnormal for a group of people to get together during the spring, summer and fall, play 18 holes and not have a couple drinks in the process. That's golfing life in Maine across its many courses. Beer carts and clubhouses are just something people EXPECT to be there. But as a different kind of golf, disc golf, continues its upward trend, will those courses be allowed the same benefits?

According to the Sun-Journal, a new bill has been presented to the Maine legislature that would allow disc golf courses in Maine to serve alcohol like golf courses and ski resorts do across the state. When alcohol regulations were put into place for golfing and skiing, disc golf wasn't even on the map.

If the legislation passes, then disc golf courses would be allowed to have beverage carts along their courses. They'd also be able to hold special events where beer and alcohol are served. As it stands right now, many courses have had to get special permissions or licenses to hold events.

Not all disc golf courses would jump at an alcohol license. Maine currently has 43 courses, with that number potentially growing in 2017. But many of those 43 are small operations with no need, and no capital, for licenses and fees to serve alcohol.

So what do you think? Should disc golf courses in Maine be afforded the same alcohol opportunities as golf courses and ski resorts in Maine?

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