When the hankering for a delicious cheesesteak hits there are a few places you can go in Portland to satisfy your craving. And beginning in May there will be one more.

Owner Peter Murphy, who worked at Other Side Deli for the past two and a half years,  says Rebel Cheesesteaks is under development and he hopes to have it all up and running and be on the streets of the Old Port by early May.

PortlandFoodMap.com says The Rebel Cheesesteak cart will have choices like local shaved ribeye or smoky north spore mushrooms served on a 10” botto’s hoagie roll, for starters. You'll be able to top that with whatever you're in the mood for, American, cheddar, cheese whiz, mozzarella, pepper jack cheese, Philly cream cheese, and other options to add peppers, onions, even bacon and eggs!

Maybe Peter will have his food cart at this years Street Eats & Beats happening on June 1st at Thompson's Point in Portland. Tickets are just about gone so grab yours now! 




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