Thank goodness for Ian Cunningham, the brain child behind some of the greatest Patriots parody songs that we've ever heard. An incredibly talented song writer and videographer.

One of my favorites happens to be the first parody song I ever heard from Ian and the crew to the tune of The Chainsmokers Closer.  The song is called Brady Pull Me Closer written by Ian, and performed by Ian Biggs and the very talented Sarah Gonzalez.

And who could forget the outcome of that playoff run? All the way to the Superbowl and a 25 point come from behind win! Thank you Ian and Sarah!

Next us was the hugely popular parody song Amen-Dola sung to the tune of Hallelujah. This was, of course, before Danny decided he didn't really want to play championship football past December so he left the Pats to sign with the Dolphins. Yes, I know the Patriots just can't win in Miami for some reason but this isn't about that!

I love these songs and videos that come with them so imagine my giddiness when I found out Ian, along with Sarah and another Ian, yep, there are two Ians on these collaborations, were doing another one for this seasons playoff run. And they just keep getting better and better.

This year's playoff parody song is called "Just Slants" and it's just brilliant! It's a take on Lady GaGa's Just Dance.

Thank You Ian!


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