Stefani Germanotta, better known as Lady Gaga, was in York, Maine, for her sister's wedding.

This story is so perfectly Maine, and why there are so many sightings of celebrities – because they can be normal people.

Getty Images for WarnerMedia
Getty Images for WarnerMedia

According to Seacoastonline, Steve Dunne didn't even know it was Lady Gaga when she got out of her car to grab an ice cream cone at his shop, Dunne's Ice Cream in York, Maine. But his staff knew who she was, and they were very excited that THE Lady Gaga was ordering ice cream!

 Why was Lady Gaga at an ice cream shop in York, Maine?

She was in town for her sister's wedding. She was the maid of honor, and the wedding was at the ViewPoint Hotel across the street.

What flavor of ice cream did Lady Gaga order?

She got a small chocolate walnut, and Steve Dunne did the scooping. She got her cone, then got back in the car. Steve learned that Lady Gaga was looking to be quiet about her visit, and they respected that wish. They shared no pictures. Steve told Seacoastonline,

We felt like we would respect that for them rather than blow it all up. I scooped her some ice cream. She said it was nice to be a normal person here in York, Maine.


Dunne's Ice Cream Facebook
Dunne's Ice Cream Facebook

Let Dunne's Ice Cream be an example of how Mainers, no matter how excited, honor wishes for privacy and respect. I love this state...and ice cream.

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