The Halloween and Costume Association has petitioned the President on to move Halloween to the last Saturday in October claiming that "It's time for a safer, longer, stress-free celebration."

The petition reads more like safety tips for trick-or-treating than it does for giving good reasons to move Halloween. It has gathered a little less than 2000 signatures as of this writing.

Here are some of their key points on why Halloween should be moved to Saturday:

  • 3,800 Halloween-related injuries each year. Talk to your kids about safety before they head out!
  • 82% of parents don’t use high visibility aids on their costume, be sure to incorporate reflective tape, glow sticks, finger lights or light up accessories
  • 70% of parents don’t accompany their children trick-or-treating. You’re never too old to trick-or-treat! Grab a costume and take advantage of some good ol' fashioned family bonding!
  • 51% Of Millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday, why cram it into 2 rushed evening weekday hours when it deserves a full day!?!

Okay, let's start punching holes in this shall we? It sounds like rather than move Halloween to Saturday, even though it falls on a Saturday some years, they just want Halloween to be in daylight. The whole point of Halloween is for it to be at night. What's next? Asking Santa to show up on Christmas day with a knock on the door so he's not breaking and entering?

Where are they getting these statistics from? They don't site any source. Fake news.

51% of Millennials say Halloween is their favorite holiday? If you're a Millennial, you shouldn't be going door to door getting candy! If you knock on my door, no candy for you. Instead, be an adult! Go to the Q Ball on Friday night at Aura. There'll be some candy there too AND adult beverages.

Well, you know how I feel now. What do you think? Should Halloween be moved to Saturday?

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