A lot of rumors are flying about a second United States stimulus package. The last package most Americans received $1700 per household this time; they're talking about up to $2100 per family, which is like a dream come true to most people. The stimulus checks went out in March (I didn't get mine until May).

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According to Fox Business News, ideas are being thrown out about $1200 for each child and $500 credit stimulus for a college student in the family. Another perk to this proposed package is that low to middle-income families would be eligible to receive these benefits as well as people who are in marriages with immigrants.

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If you are looking for a clear-cut answer as to who is NOT eligible, according to CNET.Com it's listed as people who are. 

  • A single taxpayer with an adjusted gross income above $99,000 
  • A head of a household with an AGI over $136,500 
  • A married couple with an AGI over $198,000 
  • Children over 16 and college students under age 24 
  • nonresident alien as defined by the US government 

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Fox Business News

Fortune Magazine

Senator McConnell says that the Senate could start working on this within the next month; hopefully, that means money could be in the hands of Americans by the fall. 

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