Danny Darling had been an Uber driver in Portland for two and a half years, when he was recently fired, according to News Center Maine.

He told the news station it was because he denied service to riders refusing to wear a mask in his vehicle.

Uber, however, denies those claims, according to News Center Maine, and they stated that Darling's firing had "absolutely nothing to do with canceling trips on riders not wearing masks." They reported to the news station that it was because of complaints, including "unsafe practices" and "verbal behavior."

Look, it's a tough decision to have to make a decision between your personal health and your personal economic circumstances, because if you don't have the money you can't go to the doctor, and if you go to the doctor and find out you're sick you can't go to work, that means you can't make money to pay your bill(s). See the quagmire you end up in?

According to the News Center Maine story, Uber riders have to check off that they are going to wear a mask before getting into the vehicle. Unfortunately, Darling told the news station that people would still try to get in his car without one.

"I would get the middle finger; I would get my car kicked, I would get my car punched, I would be called so many names. One guy even spit on me. Spit on me in the middle of a pandemic!" Darling said to News Center Maine.

Stories like this raise the question, at what point do we value others' well-being as much as we value our own? Is a cloth mask worth you not getting the place you need to be? When did we stop becoming civil over to each other and to those who are helping us out?

As for Darling, he's filed an appeal over the termination, according to News Center Maine, and a special team with Uber is looking into the case..


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