Yes, you read that headline correctly. A snack delivery service has opened in Portland. What a glorious time to be a Mainer!

Snacks On Snacks is a new service that will bring snacks to your door. So when you're too incapacitated to drive or just don't feel like going out but you're craving some snacks, Snacks On Snacks has got you covered from 5-11pm Tuesday through Thursday, 5-1am on Friday, and 11-5pm on Sunday. Saturday delivery is coming soon!

Just order online and the founders of the company, Jessica Morse, and Douglas Rutamu will take care of the rest. There are some requirements to use this amazing service, you have to be in Portland or South Portland, you must spend $20 or more, and you have to order online.

You can pick from just about anything you desire on their website. Breakfast items, candy, milk, eggs, butter, beverages, they'll even deliver medicine like NyQuil or Pepto Bismol.

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