Is handing out whole rotisserie chickens to trick-or-treaters the dumbest or most brilliant idea ever?

I'm on Team Brilliant! If I was with a kid and a whole Market Basket chicken was up for grabs over a Snickers bar, hands down I'm gonna grab that chicken! Michael Marotta handed out ROTISSERIE CHICKENS to trick-or-treaters who stopped by his home.

He told Boston 25 News that of the 20 trick-or-treaters who stopped by, only TWO of them took him up on the chicken. But for Michael, this was a "lifelong dream" to hand out rotisserie chicken.

For Michael, it was a success! He really was a welcome sight for a couple of appreciative dads.

...the kid in the Ravenclaw robe said 'no' . . . typical.

Handing out something different for Halloween seems to be a trend! Did you give out boring candy, or did you slip in a little something different? Nance shared that one of her grandkids got Ramen Noodle Soup. Yes!

Nance Duguay
Nance Duguay

Halloween is different from the apples and popcorn balls of yesterday. Now, it's all about keeping up! If you are going to hand out candy, do bite-sized do it anymore? How about keeping up with Peter Geiger from Lewiston, Maine, who handed out king-sized candy bars and candy? Not only did he go big, he went a lot, with 7,000 candy bars and 26 varieties!


Somewhere between chickens and 7,000 king-sized candy bars are the rest of us. But boy, hearing about how people go all out sure is fun!

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