Realistically, the best job in Maine would be to get paid to stare at our dogs all day long, but since that can't happen, I guess we can dive into some real companies around here. We've all heard IDEXX from word of mouth (tons of Mainers are employed there), and we've all seen the giant red WEX sign on top of that beautiful new glass building at the end of the Old Port in Portland. So which company is considered the best one?

According to, if you work for one out of these 100 companies they've listed, then you should be proud. Why? Here's how they've calculated their answer:

"We figured out the best companies to work for in Maine using data on salaries, company financial health, and employee diversity. You can also search for the best companies to work for in any other state or city."


Maine's Top 3 Companies to Work for

1. Geiger
This is a marketing & advertising company that originated in Lewiston, Maine.

2. Dead River
Man, whenever I moved into a new apartment and had to set up an account with these guys, they were always so nice to my roommates and I.

A biotechnology company headquartered in Westbrook, Maine, that revolves around keeping your pets safe.

Side note, you actually can nominate your favorite company you've worked for in any city by clicking here and being a part of the research. But let's move on to Vacationland. As mentioned earlier, here's the final list from Zippia.

I was actually just talking about what makes Maine one of the least-hated states in the US, if you'd like to read all the answers here.

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