They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

Well, we're teaming up with Wendy's to bring your work a breakfast bash of deliciousness.

Every Wednesday from April 30 through May 19, one lucky Maine winner will score a Wendy's Breakfast Office Party for up to 25 people.

If you're the winner, you'll get the chance to select the date of your choosing for when one of your favorite Q97.9 radio personalities in collaboration with the Wendy’s team will help deliver the office party with station and Wendy's swag.

We're talking about the new Breakfast Burrito, the new Cinnabon Pull Apart, seasoned breakfast potatoes and more delicious Wendy’s products. Bet you wish it was breakfast time now, don't you?

So how can you win?

Let's make it easy. If you're reading this on our app, all you have to do is fill out the form below and make sure to include your name, your email, your phone number, and the name of where you work and the address for your work.

Otherwise, you'll need to download our app as that is the only way you can enter this contest. Once you do, open that app up and find the "Contests" page or find the button that says "Breakfast Party" on the black bar in the center of the main menu of the app.

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If you've been chosen, we'll reach out to let you know you've got a breakfast party coming your way.

So don't wait. Enter now for your chance to bring breakfast, courtesy of Wendy's to your co-workers. What better way to kick off your work day?

Contest ends May 19, 2024.

For complete rules and restrictions, click here.

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