You never think it’s going to happen to you until it does.

You read headlines of horror stories, hear people talk about traumatic events that feel like lifetimes away from you, and even though you know these things happen, you just never think these types of events will touch the ones you love.

I lived in that headspace of denial for years until I got the call that my brother had been in a nearly fatal car accident and had to be life flighted to Maine Medical Center.

It was 2017 when I got the phone call, got in my car, and raced home. On my way, I reached a firefighter in the middle of the road with emergency lights in the distance and the sound of a helicopter getting closer. He said, “Ma'am, you can’t pass through here. There’s been a fatal accident.”

My brother.

LifeFlight of Maine

Just as the website proudly exclaims, “LifeFlight of Maine makes second chances possible.”

That’s what they did for my brother.

He was stabilized on the side of the road, carefully placed into the helicopter, and we met them at the hospital. When we got there, the helicopter was idling above the helipad and later we learned it was because my brother kept flatlining and they needed to stabilize him before they could land.

They saved his life multiple times.

I was in a state of numbness for the duration of my brother’s stay in the hospital so I never really got to express myself to those who took care of him. There still seems no appropriate way or the right words to string together to truly get the meaning across but all I can muster is Thank You. The expertise and care brought to him through both the LifeFlight of Maine and Maine Medical Center saved his life and gave me my brother back.

LifeFlight of Maine Receives $1M Donation

As shared by WABI, LifeFlight of Maine is about to celebrate 25 years of service and just received a generous gift of $1M to establish its first named, endowed fund, The Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation Medical Equipment Fund.

LifeFlight operates as a non-profit and runs on the generosity of others, so donations like this are crucial in making sure the service can keep running 24/7 365 days per year.

They are the state’s only emergency air ambulance service so ensuring they are running equipment that is up to date, can afford to purchase and fix their specialized equipment, and can keep things running will save the lives of Mainers.

With three helicopters, an airplane, and specialty ground vehicles equipped with full mobile ICU’s, LifeFlight of Maine is a crucial part of Maine’s emergency services, and just like their website says, “every minute matters.”

Townsquare Media

Every minute mattered in saving my brother’s life and I will forever be grateful for those involved, those who have donated, and those who played a role in giving me my brother back.

The only words I can really even begin to put together are Thank You.

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