What happens when you want to quit cold turkey? You pop your used tobacco tin up on Craigslist for somebody else to enjoy...check out this ad!

We have our vices and on occasion we all think to ourselves, "i'm going to quit this and better myself!" Perhaps that was the line of thinking for the person who placed a couple of cans of Skoal on Maine's Craiglist for free this week. The ad itself is short, sweet and right to the point but boy do we have a lot of questions!


As the ad states, one can is completely untouched and the other has a "couple pinches" taken out of it. There's a small level of concern about used can available here, but we'll leave that to you. The person behind this ad isn't wrong though, at $8 bucks per can, who could possibly just throw it away? But our guess is just like cigarettes, there's probably a commission or two out there that frowns upon a gift of tobacco over the internet. Just a hunch.

The more pressing concern however may be the leopard print background. Oh, you missed that? That's why we're here. If the guy giving away these cans of Skoal (one used) was throwing in that leopard print whatever-it-is, we wouldn't even be posting this, we would have already snapped this up for ourselves. But alas, it appears the only thing available for free here is the dip. Maybe next time.

But for you, this could be the Craigslist bargain of the week. As the ad states, if it's still up, the tins are still available to be snagged. Generosity knows no bounds.

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