I was reading a great article this week about a place in Maine with only one resident. It was in an unorganized territory called Hibberts Gore. It got me thinking about Unorganized Territories in Maine. What the heck are they? How many are there? And why are the people that live there so unorganized? We have the answers.

What is An Unorganized Territory?

According to the State of MaineThe unorganized territory (UT) of Maine is that area of Maine having no local, incorporated municipal government. Yup, we're talking No Man's Land. Middle of Nowhere. There are only 10 states that have Unorganized Territories- Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and the Great State of Maine.

How Many Unorganized Territories Are There in Maine?

There are 41 Unorganized Territories in Maine that make up a little OVER HALF of all the land area in the state. Wow, Maine is pretty unorganized!  About 9,000 year-round residents live in the UT's, but that number goes way higher in the summer.

Who Has Jurisdiction Over Unorganized Territories?

The Maine Legislature is technically the local governing body for UT's. They make sure they budget appropriately so the nearby county and state agencies can provide them with services and property tax facilitation.

Why Do People Live in Unorganized Territories?

If you want to get away from it all, Maine's UT's are the way to go. Think about it. They're remote. You have super-low property taxes. Less traffic. And you live in some of the most beautiful places in Maine and the world.

What Are the Names of  Maine's Unorganized Territories?

Argyle, Maine

Blanchard, Maine

Central Aroostook, Maine

Central Hancock, Maine

Central Somerset, Maine

Connor, Maine

Criehaven, Maine

E Township, Maine

East Central Franklin, Maine

East Central Penobscot, Maine

East Central Washington, Maine

East Hancock, Maine

Hibberts Gore, Maine

Kingman, Maine

Louds Island

Marshall Island, Maine

Milton, Maine

Muscle Ridge Islands, Maine

North Franklin, Maine

North Oxford, Maine

North Penobscot, Maine

North Washington, Maine

Northeast Piscataquis, Maine

Northeast Somerset, Maine

Northwest Aroostook, Maine

Northwest Hancock, Maine

Northwest Piscataquis, Maine

Northwest Somerset, Maine

Perkins Township, Maine

Prentiss, Maine

Seboomook Lake, Maine

South Aroostook, Maine

South Franklin, Maine

South Oxford, Maine

Southeast Piscataquis, Maine

Square Lake, Maine

Twombly Ridge, Maine

Unity, Kennebec County, Maine

West Central Franklin, Maine

Whitney, Maine

Wyman, Maine


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