Prom season is here, which means high schoolers are asking that special person to the big event in fun ways.

The promposal is all about being creative, and you've likely seen or heard about a bunch of them over the years. Some people go big on their ask, of course.

For one local teen, he got a little help from classic Maine restaurant Amato's for his 2024 promposal.

Amato's recently shared on its Facebook page a super cute and super "cheesy" promposal that came from a pizza ordered at its Norway location.

Written inside the Amato's pizza box was "I know this sounds cheesy, will you go with me to...," and using pepperonis, the word "prom" was spelled out along with some hearts above and below it.

You can see the reaction of the girl when she looks inside the pizza box as he shows it to her. Looks like a positive one!

We hope she said yes, and then had a delicious slice to celebrate.

So how long has the promposal been around?

According to The Washington Post, it was in 2001 that a Texas newspaper first wrote about high schoolers getting extra creative with their prom "proposals" for a contest.

But it wasn't until 2011 that the term "promposal" was officially coined by a Canadian writer for The Globe and Mail.  The trend really started to take hold (and was boosted by social media), and it doesn't seem to be letting up either. The promposal is here to stay.

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Using Amato's for a promposal just feels so Maine, but what other ways could you ask your date to the prom that make sense for the Pine Tree State?

Maybe a bunch of whoopie pies spelling out the "Will you go to prom with me?" question? Or maybe sharing a lobster dinner and telling them they are your "butter half" and how they are just "one shell of a girl"? Or maybe asking at a Maine lighthouse and telling them they "light up your life"?

Just brainstorming some ideas...

How did you ask or were asked to prom? What kind of promposal would you do if you were asking a date to prom today?

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