Sometimes people with toys like to play with them in ways they shouldn't and the York County Sheriff's Office has a prime example of that.

On Saturday, June 18, someone on an ATV was seen by a Sheriff's Deputy doing burnouts on Route 109 in front of Tails Saloon in Acton. The Deputy went after the ATV rider as they went up Route 109 and when the rider caught a look at the cruiser coming after them, they made a break for it and quickly turned down Goose Pond Road to West Shore Drive. The deputy stopped pursuit at that point, but that didn't stop this jerk.

He was later spotted by another officer on Hopper Road headed toward the Maine/New Hampshire border. When he saw the cruiser, he took off once again. Clearly, this guy does not want to get caught, yet still wants to keep doing burnouts on public roads. That can only last for so long.

So now the York County Sheriff's Office is turning to the public for help in finding the person who seems to think it's their God-given right to do burnouts on public roads and endangering other drivers.

Two photos of the suspect were posted on the York County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page. Granted, there's not much here to identify who this is, but someone likely knows who is under that helmet.


If you know who this is, please contact Deputy Markellos at or call the York County dispatcher at 324-3644 and ask for Deputy Markellos. They just want to speak with him and say "Don't do that."

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