To the Portland pedestrians,

I am aware that this city is geared in your favor.

There are walkways with flashing lights and beautifully uneven sidewalks, with lots of thriving businesses and virtually no parking where it is needed.

I can also get a sense that the scenic views offered of the ocean and the downtown area are so comforting that you cannot just walk by without taking the time to soak them in.

None of these things are lost on me as I believe in enjoying what life has to offer.

That all said, I would greatly appreciate it if you did your sightseeing while NOT walking into the path of my Subaru.

Unlike other places I have lived, Portland is a city where walkers tend to have the right of way. Whereas in Seattle and Memphis, if you cross when the light does not say 'walk,' even if you get struck by a vehicle, you could still be issued a jaywalking ticket while recovering at the hospital.

So let us work together to keep walkers and drivers safe in this great city and let us all get to where we need to be, on time, in one piece, and without a potential lawsuit.

P.S. If you are one of those pedestrians who stares at the phone while you are casually crossing Spring Street, you should go back and read this article one more time.

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