True Crime

For probably the better part of a decade, one of the most popular genres of shows, movies, and podcasts has been true crime. More networks are airing true crime shows -- hell, more true crime networks are popping up.

From Netflix dropping the latest insanely popular (which is weird to say) Dahmer series, to Peacock airing A Friend of the Family, and even the entire Investigation Discovery network itself -- true crime is where it's at.

Crime Series on TV

Before true crime blew up huge, and maybe even one of the reasons that it actually did, crime shows dominated network TV. From all the incarnations of Law & Order, to NCIS, and the CSI franchise (which just received a reboot with CSI: Vegas), crime has been king on TV for a while.

And starting in January, FOX is adding to their layer in the crime show game (sorry, Crime Scene Kitchen doesn't count) with a brand new series that stars a New England Emmy winner.

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Accused on FOX

Accused, which will debut on FOX on January 22, 2023, is actually an adaptation of a show that aired in the UK. The basic idea is to start the episode focusing on the court case defendant, then step back in time to follow all the decisions that led them to get there.

According to Deadline, Andover, Massachusetts native Michael Chiklis will star in the premiere episode on January 22, but that will probably be the only episode he actually appears in for the entire series.

Based on the first promo released for Accused, it looks like each episode will follow a brand new crime case from start to finish, which means Michael's role on the premiere episode will probably be a one and done, unless the show recycles actors to play different characters week-to-week, but that's pretty unlikely.

Accused will air on Sunday nights beginning January 22.

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