You probably know the old saying: "If you don't like the weather in Maine, wait minute." It's so true, especially this fall season. We had temperatures in the 70s during the first week of November.

Then they dropped like a rock into the 30s for the second week of November.

And then we heard that we're poised for the first snowfall of the season for most of the state.

By the look of Keith Carson's map above, we could be getting less snow than originally thought, but regardless, having the temperature drop from a very nice, early summer like 70 degrees down to the point where I'm scrapping frost off my windshield makes you wonder if mother nature is drunk on tequila.

We're Mainers though. We're used to this right? I suppose so, but it still doesn't make us feel any better as we grasp at the warmer weather slipping away that always feels like it never sticks around long enough for us to enjoy it as much as we want to.

King Eider's Pub on Elm Street in Damariscotta feels it too as shown by a very clever and very funny sign left outside their door that draws a parallel to the plummeting temperatures and that moment when you're behind the wheel going a little too fast. Or in this case...a lot too fast.

Never truer words have been on a message sign. The weather hit the brakes hard and I feel like I wasn't prepared for it because I didn't have my seat belt on.

Better buckle up, kids. Winter is coming.

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