The 143rd Cumberland County Fair was last week and of course we went! Slides, pigs, food, crafts - oh my!

As you walk in (by the way,get there before 6 or you'll be in a very long line!) you have your first game! Ring the bell - everyone's a winner! It's true!

I carried his inflatable sword the rest of the night.

Then there is pig calling. Kids keep pigs for 6 months training them to come to them for food! It's very adorable.

Then when all the food was eaten and crafts were looked at.

crafts at Cumberland Fair

By the way, a craft and food contest is the only place where the sentence 'That cucumber is huge!' is acceptable.

We ended with the slide. It's a tradition. The kids like racing me. It seems like you go like a bat outta hell - but it's actually tame, and fun! Say it with me...weeeeeeee!

I had a cheese burger, donut, fried dough, fried pickles and fries and a boat load of indigestion. Oh and a great time!

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