If you're a Food Network fan, then Chopped has undoubtedly been part of your viewing pleasure a time or two. Typically the show centers around chefs from New York City and surrounding areas (where the show is taped) but occasionally, Maine has had a couple chefs sneak in for some competition. That is about to happen again.

Dandelion Catering Company announced on their Facebook page that Owner Christian Hayes will be appearing on an episode on March 20th. Just last year, Food Network put out an open casting call in Portland as the city's culinary reputation began to rise. Initially, Hayes had no interest in giving it a shot, but after some urging from friends, he took the dive. Now we'll have someone to root for in March.

If the name Christian Hayes sounds familiar to you, that's because he's also the lead singer of the popular local band Sidecar Radio. Beyond just being a rockstar, Hayes found Dandelion Catering with his wife more than a decade ago. Their catering company is now one of the most sought after in the state when it comes to weddings, private events and parties.

And if you're not familiar with Chopped, this will be a great time to tune and watch the whirlwind. Chefs are given baskets with "mystery" ingredients and are tasked with whipping up impressive dishes in a short amount of time that will impress a panel of award-winning judges.

We wish Christian luck!

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