I always feel 50/50 when I write about hidden gems I've come across. 50 percent of me knows I'll get chirped at online for putting it on the map and making it "not so hidden" anymore. However, 50 percent of me is excited to share the happiness with you. So I'm going with sharing the happiness on this one.

There's this really cute cafe I've actually never heard of until recently called Magno Terra Cafe, and it lives in Yarmouth, Maine. If you've ever heard of the 'EARTHA' building out there, that's where you'll find this little shop open for breakfast, lunch, and what they call "take-away dinner".

The fun part? Inside the EARTHA building is a giant rotating globe for aesthetics. Check this out:

attachment-MicrosoftTeams-image (4)

One of my favorite kryptonite foods is bagels. One of my favorite places to grab one on the weekends is Union Co. in Portland. Ironically, Magno Terra Cafe carries Union Co. as their bagel distributor. Amazing.

Stephen Lenz
Stephen Lenz

Even the Yelp reviews rave about this unique spot.

Athena from Portland said;

"Magno Terra is such a unique café! The food is delicious! I ordered the Italian panini and it was amazing! We took home some chicken salad so we didn't need to worry about dinner. My daughter loved Eartha, the HUGE rotating globe, which is in the same building and fully visible from your seat. Such a neat and yummy spot. I highly recommend it for eat in and take out."

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