I'd like to buy a vowel Pat. The Time and Temp sign in downtown Portland has a severe limitation. It only can display four letters at a time, so I did a double take when I saw it this this morning. 

After getting my mind out of the gutter, I realized that when you plug in the missing letters it reads 'AS YOU LIKE IT.' Okay. So what does that mean? Time to hit Google.

Search term: As You Like It Portland

Result: As You Like It - The Pleasure Shop in Portland Oregon.

Nope. We're still in the gutter. Let's try again.

Search term: As You Like It Portland Maine

Result: Fenix Theatre Co. | Facebook

That's more like it. The Fenix Theater Company is running a performance of Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' in Deering Oaks. Well how about that. It's culture not....well...the other thing.

Fenix Theater Co. via Facebook

I feel a lot better now.

This is pretty cool and something that is worth your time. Shakespeare performed the way it was meant to be.

CALL JOE is so much easier to figure out on that sign.