The Time and Temperature sign in downtown Portland is an iconic landmark that is a piece of the history of Portland, but sometimes it makes for a lousy way to get your message out. 

The problem with the sign is there are only four characters at a time as it cycles through its four displays. The time and temperature take up two leaving the other two cycles left for displaying a message. It works great if your message is two words, each four letters long. For instance Q97.9 and WJBQ would work perfectly for us.

Joe Bornstein displays messages on the sign, and this week's left you having to do some guess work on what the message was.

Let's see...

Be a big baby

Be a big deal

Be a big bopper. (You've gotta be old to get that one)

Be a big bang?

This is starting to get dirty.

The message actually asks you to be a Big Brother or Big Sister.

According to Joe's blog, January is national mentoring month, the perfect time for you to become a Big Brother or Sister. Kudos to Joe for sharing the space with worthwhile organizations on a sign that is seen all through the city, one of the few forms of outdoor advertising in Maine that is exempt from the state's billboard law.

You can learn more about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister and the Southern Maine chapter's website and be a big deal.