The 5th annual 'Experiencers Speak Conference' is happening this weekend in Portland. In promoting the event, Audrey Hewins, says that there are thousands - perhaps millions of 'experiencers'...

An 'experiencer' is someone who has had direct contact with some other worldly being. It doesn't have to be an abduction, it can just be an experience.

We spoke to Audrey who puts this conference together and Eric Mitchell who says until four years ago, he was like you - never gave this a second thought. Until it happened to him.

I come from the skeptical end of the spectrum. It's not that I don't believe it's possible, it's just so out of the ordinary it's hard to wrap my conditioned brain around it.

It's easy to label someone who says they have had first had experience with E.T. as crazy - but are they?

It's like seeing a ghost...unless you have, you think it's not real.

So...are you an experiencer? Have you had contact, or seen something that you swear to God is not from this earth?


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