UFO Files Released by the CIA; Maine Ranks 4th in the USA for UFO Sightings
Big news this week. The CIA unclassified thousands of documents that have to do with UFO's. You can peruse them here from The Black Vault. We hope and expect to see some files that have to do with Maine UFOs. Did you know that Maine is a hotbed for UFO activity? According to Satellite Internet, Maine ranks #4 in the USA when it comes to UFO activity. New Hampshire does even better at #3.
Casco Bay UFO
You may have noticed this some amazingly colorful sunsets over the weekend. Pink and purple hews left social media flooded with pictures of the natural beauty that can found in Maine. But according to the Bangor Daily News, there was one picture in particular, of the moonrise, that has sparked conversation worldwide from those that believe in ETs...
UFO in Buxton?
File this one under "WTF," because that's exactly what Sean McKenna of Buxton said a lot when he saw these strange lights appear in the sky.
Are You an Experiencer?
The 5th annual 'Experiencers Speak Conference' is happening this weekend in Portland. In promoting the event, Audrey Hewins, says that there are thousands - perhaps millions of 'experiencers'...
Watch UFOs Over Maine
As the weather warms up people are spending more time outdoors and discovering strange lights in the skies over Maine. This first video is an incredible capture of what looks like a giant triangle silently, and slowly moving over the sky in Turner, Maine...

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